Find It + Win It: Sticks And Stones


Mortgage Trivia Contest!


Show off your mortgage knowledge and research skills in our brand new contest!

START DATE:Monday, April 13th 

END DATE: Questions asked periodically. There will be about 2-3 questions per week, depending on the response.

WINNER ANNOUNCED:The winner for each question will be randomly chosen. If your answer is correct, you are entered to win! With each question, we will say which correct entry will be our winner. For example, we first may say “the 6th correct answer”, and then with a future question, we may change it to the “4th correct answer”. The order will always be random.

 PRIZE:$25 President’s Choice Gift Card!

Do you think you have what it takes? Follow the steps below to get started now:

  1. LIKE the original Facebook post with the rules & our Facebook Page:
  2. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page! Starting on April 13th, we…

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